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Compulab’s new IoT gateway is based on NXP’s i.MX.8M processor and runs on Linux, MS Azure IoT and Node RED

LinuxGizmos - Mon, 2022-06-27 08:39
The IOT-GATE-IMX8PLUS is an IoT gateway made by Compulab that is based on the NXP i.MX.8M Plus System on Chip (SoC) for commercial or industrial applications. The device features dual GbE ports, Wi-Fi6/BLE 5.3 support, LTE 4G, GPS and many optional peripherals. Compulab’s new IoT gateway provides support for two processor models, the C1800Q and […]
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Holybros unveils Pixhawk 6X and Pixhawk 6C flight controllers

LinuxGizmos - Sat, 2022-06-25 08:59
Holybro has revealed two new models of the popular Pixhawk flight controller for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The Pixhawk 6X and the Pixhawk 6C use a Cortex-M7 as Flight Management Unit (FMU) and a Cortex-M3 as an I/O processor. The Pixhawk 6X is based on the Pixhawk FMUv6x Open Standard and the Pixhawk Autopilot Bus […]
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Core-V development kit packs 32-bit RISC-V core

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2022-06-23 23:03
This week, the non-profit global organization OpenHW presented a RISC-V based development board at Embedded World 2022. The Core-V MCU dev kit integrates a 32-bit CV32E40P open source RISC-V core and the ArticPro eFPGA from QuickLogic. OpenHW specified that the Core-V MCU features the CV32E40P processor (previously known as the RI5CY) which is a 32 […]
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Orbbec introduces Femto Time-of-Flight 3D Camera line

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2022-06-23 07:14
Following the introduction of the Persee+ 3D embedded camera in April 2022, Orbbec has released a complete new line of 3D cameras optimized to capture static or moving objects and scenes with superior accuracy. The company ensured the Femto ToF 3D cameras are enabled to be used in applications including healthcare, robotics, augmented reality and […]
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SolidRun releases SOM module based on 64-bit Renesas RZ/G2LC SoC

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2022-06-21 18:59
SolidRun announced today a partnership with Renesas Electronics at Embedded World. According to SolidRun, the RZ/G2LC is the first System on Module (SOM) based on the 64-bit RZ/G2LC System on Chip from Renesas. The company is expecting to target applications such as IoT solutions, video surveillance, HMI applications and industrial automation solutions.  The compact SOM […]
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AAEON presents new COM Express modules at Embedded World 2022

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2022-06-21 06:24
AAEON has announced a few new products ahead of Embedded World 2022. The NanoCOM-TGU and COM-ICDB7 are COM Express modules that feature Intel’s Tiger Lake UP3 SoC processor and Intel’s SoC Xeon D LCC processor respectively. AAEON’s NanoCOM-TGU COM Express module offers support for the following 11th Gen processors from Intel: Core i7-1187G7E — four-core […]
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Sparkfun unveils microSD Data Logging Shield with SPI and USB-C interfaces

LinuxGizmos - Mon, 2022-06-20 08:47
SparkFun has unveiled a data logging module compatible with their own Thing Plus devices. The SparkFun Thing Plus Dual-Port Logging Shield features an ATtiny841 MCU which allows the user to interface with a microSD card through SPI or USB-C. According to the company, the Dual-Port Logging Shield was designed for easy data transmission using any […]
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Mediatek presents Genio 1200 based SoM compatible with ADLINK’s carrier board

LinuxGizmos - Sun, 2022-06-19 08:58
MediaTek released a System on Module (SoM) that integrates their latest Genio 1200 AIoT (MT8395) System on Chip showcased last month. The LEC-MTK-I1200 features 8-cores (4x Cortex-A78/4x A55), 5-cores Arm Mali-G57 GPU and an APU system (5 TOPS). For quick prototyping, ADLINK has also designed a development board compatible with the LEC-MTK-I1200. The LEC-MTK-I1200 comes […]
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Ibase launches 3.5-inch SBC with Tiger Lake H CPUs, quad-displays and dual GbE

LinuxGizmos - Sat, 2022-06-18 08:47
Ibase released a 3.5” single board computer (SBC) that is powered by the 11th Gen Intel Core processors (Tiger Lake H). The high performance IB956 SBC has quad-displays, dual GbE ports and dual SATA III. Ibase’s new SBCs offer support for three models of Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake “H” processor: Core i7-11850HE — eight-core […]
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Multipurpose I/O module based on Raspberry Pi RP2040 silicon

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2022-06-16 08:45
Italian based Sfera Labs released the Iono RP D16 which is an I/O module driven by the RP2040 MCU suitable for industrial and commercial applications. This robust module provides sixteen digital 24V I/I lines and it’s CE, FCC and IC compliant. Similar to the recent Exo Sense RP also by Sfera Labs, the Iono RP […]
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BeagleBone AI-64 comes with TDA4VM SoC from Texas Instruments

LinuxGizmos - Wed, 2022-06-15 08:33
The BeagleBoard community released a new BeagleBone board yesterday. The new model is called the BeagleBone AI-64 which builds on the BeagleBone AI SBC released a few years ago. The new Single Board Computer is equipped with the TDA4VM System on Chip (SoC) produced by Texas Instruments. The SoC implemented for the BeagleBone AI-64 consist […]
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Texas Instruments introduces the AM62x processors to the Sitara processors family

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2022-06-14 08:47
Last week, Texas Instruments released two new models for the Sitara processor family. The Sitara AM623 and the AM625 can have up to four Cortex-A53 processors and one Arm Cortex M4F. For quick product development, TI is integrating them on the SK-AM62 starter kit which starts at $149. The AM623 and the AM625 come in […]
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Avnet introduces SMARC module based on NXP’s i.MX 8M processor

LinuxGizmos - Mon, 2022-06-13 08:47
Avnet has launched the SM2S-IMX8ULP which is compliant with the Smart Mobility Architecture (SMARC) 2.1.1 standard form factor. The scalable device integrates the i.MX 8M Arm processor architecture from NXP and runs on Linux, Android and Microsoft Azure Sphere. The SM2S-IMX8ULP SMARC 2.1.1 has the option to integrate the dual or single core ARM Cortex-A35 […]
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AAEON PICO-V2K4 runs Linux/Win10 on the Ryzen V2000 Embedded processor

LinuxGizmos - Sun, 2022-06-12 07:32
Early this month, AAEON launched the PICO-V2K4 which accommodates the Ryzen V2000 embedded processor and it’s available in an ITX form factor. The PICO-V2K4 measures about 100mm x 72mm and it supports Windows 10 and Linux.  The PICO-V2K4 uses AMD’s 7nm processing technology and accommodates the AMD Ryzen V2718 or the V2516 variant. The V2718 […]
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IoTFi 2G/4G development board incorporates Raspberry Pi RP2040 and ESP32 MCUs

LinuxGizmos - Sat, 2022-06-11 03:00
The IoTFi is a development board designed for embedded applications that require 2G or 4G support. The device combines the RP2040 chip to handle user applications and the ESP32 for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The 2G model starts at ~$47 and the 4G variant ships for $114. The IoTFi was recently launched on Kickstarter and […]
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Topaz 2 mini PC from Simply NUC comes with Intel 12th-gen processors, quad-displays and dual ethernet ports

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2022-06-09 09:46
Simply NUC launched the Topaz 2 mini PC which can accommodate the “Alder Lake” processors from Intel. The Intel Core i3 based mini PC is available for $599, the Intel Core i5 model for $699 and the Intel Core i7 model starts at $849. The Topaz 2 is ready for pre-orders and shipping is expected […]
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MYIR offers Vision Edge Computing Platform built on Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC

LinuxGizmos - Thu, 2022-06-09 06:17
MYIR’s MYD-CZU3EG-ISP a vision edge computing platform built around the powerful Zynq-7000 SoC (System on Chip) family.  The MYD-CZU3EG-ISP development board integrates the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ZU3EG SoC, however, the platform can be customized to integrate the EV and CG models. The standard model of the MYD-CZU3EG-ISP packs the Zynq UltraScale+ ZU3EG MPSoC which provides […]
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mechArm pi 270, a 6-axis robot arm based on the Raspberry Pi 4

LinuxGizmos - Tue, 2022-06-07 06:55
A few months ago, Elephant Robotics launched the myPalletizer, which was a robotic ARM with 4 degrees of freedom (DOF) built around the Raspberry Pi 4. The company has just released a similar robotic ARM that has 6 degrees of freedom, 270mm robot workspace and also powered by the Raspberry Pi 4 for easy It […]
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Orange Pi 800 emulates Raspberry Pi 400 keyboard PC

LinuxGizmos - Mon, 2022-06-06 08:39
Orange Pi launched a device that comes in a similar form factor as the Raspberry Pi 400. One of the main differences between these products is the integrated processor which is the six-core 64-bit Rockchip RK3399 found in the Orange Pi 800. The Rockchip RK3399 contains a dual core Arm Cortex-A72 (up to 1.8GHz) and […]
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Seeedstudio LoRa-E5 CAN dev board goes on pre-order for $39.90

LinuxGizmos - Sun, 2022-06-05 07:42
Seeed Studio is offering a STM32 based LoRa CAN with support for CAN 2.0 (up to 1Mb/s) and CAN-FD (up to 5Mb/s) protocols. The company introduced the initial product proposal not so long ago and the device was well received by the community. The dev kit has been designed to be used as a vehicle […]
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